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GEN Skincare Inc

Gen's Anti-aging Body Lotion - The Ageless Skin. Advanced Wrinkle Repair and Skin Restoration. 16 fl. oz.

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Gen's Ageless Skin Formula is a 100% organic anti-aging body lotion specifically formulated for women. Its ingredients are some of the highest qualities, guaranteed to assure an ageless skin. This all-in-one anti-aging body lotion firms and tightens the skin, stimulating circulation and offering a burst of hydration to it. It miraculously wipes off age marks and spots, revealing a very youthful skin all year round. Gen's Ageless Skin Formula is crafted with some of the best-of-the-best ingredients that smooth away fine lines and wrinkles, and shields the skin against the harsh effects of extreme weather conditions and detergents. It also contains natural sun screen that protects the skin from UV radiation. Gen's Ageless Skin Beauty Formula should be used daily for best results.

  • Wrinkle filler
  • Smooth and silky skin
  • Bright and ageless
  • Spots remover
  • Women's beauty routine


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