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Hair Darkening Pomade. Gen's Hair Darkening Cream - GREY SOLUTION. Wonder Hair Color. All-Natural and Permanent. 16 Oz. 100% Grey Coverage. 7-14 Days Turnaround.

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Hair Darkener, Natural Black. GEN's Hair Darkening Cream, Grey Solution. Wonder Hair Color. All-Natural and Permanent. 16 Oz. Hair at its Prime has been greatly improved. This rapid-acting hair color cream progressively darkens grey hair to a natural black, permanently. It quickly absorbs into hair, depositing pure plant vitamins and dark pigments that progressively attach and bind to hair follicles, gradually turning them shades darker and polishing the hair with its advanced moisturizing properties. The animal proteins (incorporated in the formulation) and pure vitamins, add strength and nourishment to the hair. GEN's Hair Darkening Cream, Black. Wonder Hair Color. All-Natural and Permanent. 16 Oz. Hair at its Prime, quickly transforms the hair to a healthy and luxurious black color within a space of 7 days, depending on your hair type. Consistent use of GEN’s hair darkening cream ensures uniform color throughout the hair and usage can be reduced to twice or thrice weekly or less, after desired shade is attained.

About this Item:

Holds: 16 oz. Cream

Intended Use: 100% Total Grey Coverage

Composition: Infused with animal proteins for increased strength and moisture; and pure plant vitamins for nourishment. Made with 90% food-grade ingredients

Perfect For: All hair types

Progression: Grey to black


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Hair Darkeners

Herbal-based hair darkening creams that are formulated from pure plant extracts; plants that have been known for centuries to gradually darken hair while nourishing and moisturizing it.

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