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Hair Darkening Cream for Women, Dark Brown. Organic Hair Color. 473 ML. 100% Grey Coverage. 7-14 Days Turnaround.

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GEN's Hair Darkening Cream for Women, Dark Brown. Wonder Hair Color. All-Natural and Permanent, 16 Oz. Hair at its Prime, will gradually turn women's grey hair to a beautiful, dark brown color, permanently. It also deeply moisturizes and nourishes the scalp, allowing for a new dark brown growth and healthy, strong hair. This unique hair color cream, made for long hair, will regenerate and detangle your hair, restoring it to its original. GEN's Hair Darkening Cream for Women, Dark Brown. Wonder Hair Color. All-Natural and Permanent, 16 Oz. Hair at its Prime, will transform your hair to a shade darker with each application and the change becomes visible over a few days. Its ingredients include select food-grade plant extracts, animal proteins and exotic spices that have been scientifically proven to work wonders to the hair. Use like normal hair cream and wash off at night to prepare the hair for a fresh application the next morning. It is recommended to discontinue daily use after desired color is achieved and only reapply as needed to color fresh growth. Always leave container covered and in a cool place when not in use.  

About this item

  • GEN’s Hair Darkening Cream for Women, Dark Brown: A fast absorbing and non-greasy lightweight hair cream. Progressively and dramatically turns gray hair to dark brown.
  • For All Hair Types: Infused with pure plant vitamins that quickly soak into hair strands and form protective barriers that moisturize, nourish and shield the hair from harsh weather conditions.
  • Ideal for Use on Entire Hair: It is recommended to pay particular attention to the gray areas of the hair, so as to ensure total gray coverage.
  • Constitution: Fragrance Free. Infused with animal proteins for increased strength and moisture; and pure plant vitamins for nourishment. Made with 90% food-grade ingredients.


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    Herbal-based hair darkening creams that are formulated from pure plant extracts; plants that have been known for centuries to gradually darken hair while nourishing and moisturizing it.

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