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Gen's SIGNATURE Deep Moisture Body Lotion. Best Moisture Body Lotion for Dry Skin. Revitalizes and regenerates. 16 fl. oz.

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Gen's SIGNATURE (Deep Moisture) Body Lotion, 16 Fl. Oz couples the gentle nurturing of plant extracts with the powerful innovation of science in this singular formulation. Its potent ingredients deeply moisturize, lift, tighten and hydrate the skin. These very potent ingredients quickly tackle the cellular damage caused by free radicals, thereby delaying early signs of skin aging. It works for men and women, ages 20 and above to reinvent your skin for a balanced and healthy-looking you. Testimonies abound to the powerful moisturizing and conditioning properties of Gen's SIGNATURE (Deep Moisture) Body Lotion, 16 Fl. Oz.  

Gen's SIGNATURE (Deep Moisture) Body Lotion, 16 Fl. Oz. immediately revitalizes and regenerates the skin from deep down. Gen’s SIGNATURE Beauty Body Lotion, 16 Fl. Oz, is a unique skincare formula that quickly wipes off Acne, black spots and scaly feet, healing them all the way down. Its active ingredients include powerful plant extracts and hyaluronic acid, zinc oxide and natural sunscreen with broad- spectrum coverage that protects against UVA and UVB rays from the sun. Gen's SIGNATURE (Deep Moisture) Body Lotion, 16 Fl. Oz is the best moisturizer for dry skin. Its all-natural ingredients quickly protect, lubricate and hydrate the skin making it glowingly smooth, healthier and younger-looking.  


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