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Premium Body Lotion Base: Gen's Anti-wrinkle Lotion Base. Body Milk For Sagging and Sensitive Skin. 1 gallon

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Gen's Anti-wrinkle Lotion Base is specially formulated to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. The workings of Gen's Anti-wrinkle Lotion Base is targeted at the aging skins, skins which have become saggy (or are becoming weaker) due to the diminished production of collagen and elastin (natural proteins that strengthen and lend support to the skin). Gen's Anti-wrinkle Lotion Base quickly replenishes lost collagen and elastin; the active ingredients from select plant extracts immediately begin to work on the skin to revitalize and nourish it paving the way for a firmer, more resilient and healthy skin. It is thick and must be diluted to desired consistency. It is also fragrance-free and gentle to sensitive skin. You may wish to add your own fragrance. Gen's Anti-wrinkle Lotion Base delivers amazing results.


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